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International Firefighter Games Inc. (IFG) , is an organization designed to help facilitate the construction of, and assist in the operation of the Firefighter Games. The Firefighter Games is a two day competition in which volunteer and career firefighters alike compete in a series of events to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy. These events are designed with FUN being the first priority, while engaging skill, strength, endurance and team work. 4-person teams earn points throughout each event, working towards the grand finale, MAYDAY MAYDAY MAHEM - a firefighting obstacle course! These events are structured to create parody amongst the teams and this is achieved by having 2 heats inside each event. 'Heat 1' is drawn at random. In 'Heat 2' all of the first place teams compete against each other, all the second place team compete against each other, and so on and so forth. This ultimately creates a score going into the final event where most teams will still have a chance to win it all and be crowned Firefighter Games Champions for your Region!

International Firefighter Games Inc. (IFG) was created with the vision that the winners from each 'region' will meet for a final game of champions, to see who the IFG Champion is! IFG is providing its web-site portal and full team of tech support to qualified regions to help facilitate their own event. Qualified regions will be supported by IFG with the knowledge needed to facilitate an event, which includes but is not limited to: how to choose a location, how to gain sponsorships, how to engage local media, how to get a liqour licence, how to get and set-up entertainment, how to attract vendors, literal blue prints for building props and more! IFG Inc is committed to providing these services FOR FREE as long as the revenue generated at the event is given to Muscular Dystrophy Canada. Revenue shall be generated by: Beer Gardens, Food & Beverage Sales, Vendor Fees, Team Entrance Fees, Auctions, Raffles and straight-up donations. Interested in hosting your own event? It's easy! Send us an email, our information is on the Contact page!

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